What Are Facial Implants?

Facial implants – notably chin implants or cheek implants – are designed to augment, reconstruct, or rejuvenate your facial contours. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and restore contour and/or proportion to your face. Facial implants can be used to augment your chin and jaw or to provide the sculpted cheekbones that you desire.

The process essentially consists of tailoring a synthetic implant to provide the desired facial contours, creating a pocket beneath the skin, and inserting the implant. It is also possible to augment facial features with fat that has been harvested from another area of the body, treated and sterilized, and then reinjected into the desired location.

When To Consider Facial Implants

The three most common reasons that patients are interested in facial implants are:


  • To correct facial asymmetry and deficiencies especially in the chin, cheek or jaw. Disproportionate or uneven features create a sense of being “out of balance” that can be disconcerting. Even the most beautiful individual features, if put together asymmetrically, will fall short of the aesthetic result you want and deserve. Facial implants can be subtly used to even out asymmetrical sides of the face for a more balanced, overall pleasing look.


  • For a more sculpted, striking appearance: if you wish to enhance the definition and fullness of your cheeks; if you wish to make your receding chin more projecting and improve your jawline as well as the appearance of your profile or if you feel like you have an undefined or weak jawline that does not help frame your face or distinguish your neck


  • To mitigate the effects of aging on the face. As we get older, it is common to notice a decrease in facial volume as our skin loses its collagen and begins to sag, pulled downward by gravity. Cheeks that were once full and youthful become hollow and sunken, and definition is lost in the facial features. Chin and cheek implants or fat grafting can help restore contour and proportion to your facial structures made deficient by aging.


Facial implants procedures are relatively quick to perform and have permanent results.

There are many alternatives that can alter the structure of your face. Along with facial implants, your aesthetic plastic surgeon might also discuss options such as fat grafting, bone repositioning, bone grafting and dermal grafting.

Dr. Aboumoussa will consult with you to determine the best method of keeping you comfortable during your facial implants procedure. This may include intravenous sedation (assisted local anesthesia) or general anesthesia.

To avoid noticeable scarring, incisions are made near where the implant placed, typically on the underside of the chin or inside the mouth for chin implants and inside the mouth or through a lower eyelid or brow lift incision for cheek implants.

It will take you approximately 10 days before you can return to your normal level of activity and work. After the surgery, you will receive detailed instructions about your post-surgical care, including information about normal symptoms you will experience and your recovery process.

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